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Social Listening

Let customer data tell a story. Listen to that story to drive compelling marketing and business strategies by managing and analyzing customer data from social sources




Social Media Intelligence

Our service in Social Media Analytics takes advantage of a well-established methodology and strong tools to search, collect and explain web conversations. The analysis we provide is both quantitative and qualitative.

The quantitative analysis is carried out in a structured processes which locate and collect conversations from social media in real time based on spam Management and scouting of new sources and relevant keywords Analysts process data according to semantic rules and common ranking taxonomy to verify the correct functioning of the Social Media Analytics platform.



Social Analytics Framework

The Social Analytics Framework offers a measuring and evaluating methodology to perform Social Media activities. It enables to understand clients/prospects behaviors, to test new initiatives and improve the overall effectiveness of yourSocial Media Marketing activity. Social media has introduced an abundance of new opportunities for business to develop closer ties to customers, enlist everyday consumers as brand advocates, crowd source support to the farthest reaches of the globe, and rely on consumers for innovation. Yet, these new methods of operation have the potential to create a paradigm of chaos if businesses attempt to chase down every social media opportunity that arises. Thus, organizations need a Social Analytics Framework to assess ideas, create measurement game plans and execute upon social media strategies that align with business goals and objectives. Companies who leverage a framework for measurement gain greater understanding of their efforts and have a greater ability to take action on data.

It’s imperative because there’s a desperate need to understand the impact that social media has on your business. The tide is rising for social media, and those in the know will have measurement programs in place to map out their future adventures in social media and chart their successes against the past. While numerous social media measurement technologies exist, no single tool can adequately measure and provide insights for all social marketing activity. As tools evolve, organizations must persevere by aggregating measures and evaluating results in the context of a Social Analytics Framework.

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